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Polükarbonaatpaneeli kasutusala ja kasutusiga

The specification of PC durable board (also called polycarbonate solid sheet, PC bullet-proof glass, PC solid sheet, and polycarbonate panel) is a high-performance engineering plastic PC.


It is applied to contemporary cars, lightbox advertisements, and exhibitions; applied to instruments and apparatus, high and low voltage switchgear panels, and high-grade interior decoration materials like the military industry wall, roof, ekraan, etc.; applied to the road, voice barriers for the urban elevated road; applied to the agricultural and cultured greenhouse; the corrugated polycarbonate sheet is applied to the roof of the contemporary restaurant; applied to the bicycle shed, sunshade, roof shed in all units and residential areas; applied to the illumination hung ceiling of office buildings, department store, hotel, villa, school, hospital, stadium, entertainment center, public facilities, and so on.

The specification of PC durable board

It has strict requirements for its length, width, and depth. Generally, the length ranges from 30m to 50m, the thickness is from 1.8mm to 2.0mm, and the width ranges from 500mm to 2000mm. Its color is changeable. The common colors include blue, brown, and white, and the special color is customized. The standard specification is that the thickness is 10mm, the length is 40mm, and the width is 1000mm.

The strengths of the PC panel

The PC durable board possesses plenty of strengths, such as light material, high impact resistance, low cost, high cost-effectiveness. It can be packed in rolls, convenient to deliver, and great control the cost of freight. The long life span is one of the most outstanding features. The highest record of service life in the market is more than 20 aastat. It is not easy to deform and burn under the circumstances of high and cold temperatures. Its ignite needs 500 degrees and actively put out after leaving the fire source. During the process of burning, it can't produce poisonous gas and promote the fire's growth.

The service life of PC durable board

How long does the service life of a durable board have? There are warranty periods, including 3, 5, 10years in the market. The longest warranty period is 10 aastat, which is made of PC. Many people demand a long service life when choosing the awning polycarbonate. Firstly, it must be ensured that there is a UV protection co-extrusion coating at the sunny slope. According to the convention, ultraviolet radiation from sunlight will be reduced by 5μs per year. Therefore, many manufacturers in the market claim that their sunny boards have 10 years warranty period. However, the suppliers who can ensure the 10 years warranty period produce the high-quality pc awning. Therefore, don't blindly compare the price of the boards when you choose. It's key to focus on the cost performance.

No matter how the commodity is good, you need to maintain it if you increase its service life, including the sun board. Some are used for an excessive time or under a bad circumstance, and you need to clean and maintain them regularly. The maintenance can make the board fulfill its performance and increase its service life. But during the period of cleaning the PC awning, we should pay attention to some problems and learn some knowledge.

First, we should focus on the water temperature, which is generally controlled under 60-degree centigrade. It is best to use the 40-degree centigrade. If the water is too cold, it can not fulfill the effect of cleaning. Second, be careful when choosing detergents. We should not choose the detergent with the corrosive effect but should choose more neutral detergent.




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