The office telephone booth: you must want to try

In an open-ended office, the office workers who want to make private calls or pay attention to work can not avoid being disturbed by the surrounded people. In recent years, more and more people like to use an office telephone booth. The office phone booth is a separate space with a desk and a chair where the office worker can't be disturbed. And they can see the view outside through the glass and enjoy their private space.

The usage of the room phone booth

Nowadays, people are busier with their increased workload. Day by day, people almost stay in the office for 24 hours. Everyone in the company is responsible for the respective project. In the open-ended office, colleague A who sits next to you may be talking about an important call with a client, colleague B who sits behind you may be signing for his package, and your boss who sits at the innermost office may be angry to return the project plan to the employee. It is real that the office is vigorous and full with various speaking sounds. But if you are a person who needs a quiet environment to do a good job, the "noise" every day is your challenge in the office. Then you may hope to possess a private space in the office. At that point, the office phone booth plays an important role in offering you an undisturbed environment to work in the office.

The strengths of office phone booth pods

With the popularization of smartphones, the widespread phone booth ever before on the side of the road has gradually disappeared from our sight. But in the era of bringing forth the new with the rapid development, we seem to get used to the inevitability of any industry disappearing. However, as a brand new way, the phone booth emerges in our life again, and we have to say that the phone booth has a quick change appearance and becomes so beautiful.

Recently, Foshan Guansu Building Material has promoted a soundproof and affordable office phone booth. It takes customers' fancy in the market. A small insulative office for working, calling, joining a video meeting, discussion, and reception thoroughly change our impression of the phone booth. This new type of soundproof phone booth, also called the insulative working room, separately provides customers with a cozy and private space for talking. It is comfortable and convenient, safe and eco-friendly with a beautiful appearance, both indoor and outdoor can be applied to. There are different materials and various colors of decoration to choose from. And it can be moved, taken apart, and easily installed.

The strengths of this office telephone booth are isolating outside noise, establishing a solely private space, saving space, building at low cost, ventilation, enough light, function flexibly using.


Although the phone booth is small, it still provides respite from work. A study in 2018 shows that no separate working space reduces 70% of interaction face to face but increases 50% interaction by electronic communication. The Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, one of the authors in the study, says that the open-ended office space has its own cost-effectiveness, but it will restrain the interaction and cooperation face to face.

The researchers believe that more and more people will reconsider whether they should apply the open-ended offices or develop more flexible space. The millennials get used to working in flexible places, such as common space, home, etc. They are more likely to go for this type of office space.

Under most circumstances, it takes much money and time to decorate an office. The office telephone booth is meaningful for the generation who likes flexible work. Most people can carry around their equipment. You can use the quiet and small space right away because you don't need the wire telephone.

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