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  • What is the polycarbonate awning feature?

    Polycarbonate awning is widely installed in front door and window, the cover sheet can be clear, translucent color, and they can also be customized colored. It is a recyclable material in building products. Especially polycarbonate awning offers many advantages as flowing : The polycarbonate solid cover sheet, it’s high impact…
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  • What is the polycarbonate awning ?

    Polycarbonate awning is composed of a bracket and a polycarbonate sheets. The material of the bracket can be divided into a plastic bracket and aluminum alloy bracket; the composition of the plastic bracket is PP and fiber, thus forming a strong material. The cover sheet can be polycarbonate solid sheet…
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  • What are the advantages of polycarbonate sheet?

    Because of its good performance, the polycarbonate sheet is one of the ideal lighting materials in the building decoration industry in recent years, and it has obvious advantages over ordinary glass. The thermal insulation performance of polycarbonate sheet is 25% higher than that of glass, the impact strength is 250…
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