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April 2020

  • Budka telefoniczna w biurze: musisz chcieć spróbować

    In an open-ended office, the office workers who want to make private calls or pay attention to work can not avoid being disturbed by the surrounded people. In recent years, more and more people like to use an office telephone booth. The office phone booth is a separate space with…
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  • Zastosowanie i żywotność panelu poliwęglanowego

    Specyfikacja trwałej płyty PC (zwany także litym arkuszem poliwęglanu, Szkło kuloodporne PC, PC solidny arkusz, and polycarbonate panel) jest wysokowydajnym plastikowym PC inżynieryjnym. Application It is applied to contemporary cars, reklamy lightbox, i wystawy; stosowane do instrumentów i aparatury, rozdzielnice wysokiego i niskiego napięcia,, and high-grade…
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    Corrugated polycarbonate sheets highlight layered surface and self-supporting construction. Self-supporting design requires less coating bars diminishing overall load of the room and save establishment cost essentially. As opposed to level polycarbonate sheet like twin-divider or strong sheets, layered sheet can handle and change the light transmission by altering the course of the light,
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    When you start to put resources into making a fun and agreeable outdoor terrace, an energizing project is starting. You are making a piece of your home you will appreciate for quite a long time to come. No matter it is comfortable seat, open courtyard, or a cleverly designed metal awning, there…
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  • What is the polycarbonate awning feature?

    Polycarbonate awning is widely installed in front door and window, the cover sheet can be clear, translucent color, and they can also be customized colored. It is a recyclable material in building products. Especially polycarbonate awning offers many advantages as flowing : The polycarbonate solid cover sheet, it’s high impact…
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  • What is the polycarbonate awning ?

    Polycarbonate awning is composed of a bracket and a polycarbonate sheets. The material of the bracket can be divided into a plastic bracket and aluminum alloy bracket; the composition of the plastic bracket is PP and fiber, thus forming a strong material. The cover sheet can be polycarbonate solid sheet…
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  • Zalety wielowarstwowych paneli słonecznych

    The purpose of choosing multi-layer solar panels is to have good heat insulation, high strength or bearing capacity, and not easy to damage. But you have considered that among the customers who have purchased and installed the two-layer solar panel lighting roof before, how many will report that the solar…
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  • Co to jest deska słoneczna?

    Sunshine board is the general name of the polycarbonate hollow board, also called the PC sun board, Capron board, itp., which is processed and produced from high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate resin. It has high transparency, lightweight, impact resistance, The characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, środek zmniejszający palność, przeciw starzeniu, easy processing,
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  • What are the advantages of polycarbonate sheet?

    Because of its good performance, the polycarbonate sheet is one of the ideal lighting materials in the building decoration industry in recent years, and it has obvious advantages over ordinary glass. The thermal insulation performance of polycarbonate sheet is 25% higher than that of glass, the impact strength is 250…
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