As folhas de policarbonato ondulado destacam a superfície em camadas e a construção autossustentável. O projeto autossustentável requer menos barras de revestimento, diminuindo a carga geral da sala e economizando custos de estabelecimento. Em oposição a placas de policarbonato niveladas, como divisórias duplas ou placas fortes, a folha em camadas pode controlar e alterar a transmissão de luz, alterando o curso da luz, this will provide more sunlight to plants in the morning and at night.

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet has ideal effect strength and sturdiness to withstand high twist, substantial snow and hail harm.

Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are typically planned with various dividers. Empty design improves warm protection and diminishes the expense of temperature control about 30% - 40%.

  • Easy to install

corrugated polycarbonate sheets can be introduced on any edge or cover PVC, level polycarbonate sheet or even plastic layer.

  • Some advantages

One-or double side UV insurance are given. UV Protection has brilliant obstruction against UV beams, yellowing and maturing.

Buildup control or hostile to drop gives the polycarbonate sheet greatest light transmission and limit harm to the plants underneath.

  • Many uses
  1. Opal corrugatedpolycarbonate sheet is an expansion of the room.
  2. Clear corrugatedpolycarbonate material sheet offers an agreeable and comfortable spot.
  3. Clear polycarbonate corrugatedsheet utilized as a lookout window offering sufficient light for the
  4. Corrugatedpolycarbonate material sheets are light requiring less coating bars.

FOSHAN CITY GUANSU BUILDING MATERIAL CO.,LTD, a professional polycarbonate corrugated sheet manufacturer. We have the production plant which covers an area of 30.000sqm and daily production capability of 50,000sqm of polycarbonate sheet.

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