May 2021

  • 辦公室電話亭: 你一定要試試

    In an open-ended office, the office workers who want to make private calls or pay attention to work can not avoid being disturbed by the surrounded people. In recent years, more and more people like to use an office telephone booth. The office phone booth is a separate space with…
  • 聚碳酸酯面板嘅應用同使用壽命

    The specification of PC durable board (also called polycarbonate solid sheet, PC bullet-proof glass, PC solid sheet, and polycarbonate panel) is a high-performance engineering plastic PC. Application It is applied to contemporary cars, lightbox advertisements, and exhibitions; applied to instruments and apparatus, high and low voltage switchgear panels, and high-grade…
  • 佛山关苏: 熱情提供最好嘅聚碳酸酯波紋紙

    Corrugated polycarbonate sheets highlight layered surface and self-supporting construction. Self-supporting design requires less coating bars diminishing overall load of the room and save establishment cost essentially. As opposed to level polycarbonate sheet like twin-divider or strong sheets, layered sheet can handle and change the light transmission by altering the course of the light,...
  • 你需要知道嘅關於AW寧嘅事情

    When you start to put resources into making a fun and agreeable outdoor terrace, an energizing project is starting. You are making a piece of your home you will appreciate for quite a long time to come. No matter it is comfortable seat, open courtyard, or a cleverly designed metal awning, there…
  • 乜嘢係聚碳酸酯遮陽篷功能。?

    Polycarbonate awning is widely installed in front door and window, 封面可以清晰。, 半透明顏色。, 佢哋都可以定製彩色。. 佢係建築產品中嘅可回收材料。. 特別是聚碳酸酯遮陽篷具有許多優勢,如流動。 : 聚碳酸酯固體蓋板。, it’s high impact…
  • 乜嘢係聚碳酸酯遮陽篷。 ?

    Polycarbonate awning is composed of a bracket and a polycarbonate sheets. The material of the bracket can be divided into a plastic bracket and aluminum alloy bracket; 塑料支架嘅組成係PP同纖維。, 從而形成一個強大嘅材料。. The cover sheet can be polycarbonate solid sheet…
  • 多層太陽能電池板嘅優點。

    選擇多層太陽能電池板嘅目的係良好嘅隔熱性能。, 高強度或軸承能力。, 且不易損壞。. 但您已經考慮過,在購買和安裝雙層太陽能電池板照明屋頂的客戶之前。, 有幾多人會報告太陽...
  • 乜嘢係陽光板。?

    陽光板係聚碳酸酯空心板嘅通用名稱。, 都叫PC太陽板。, 卡普龍板。, 等。, 由高性能工程塑料聚碳酸酯樹脂加工生產。. 它具有高透明度。, 輕量級。, 抗衝擊性。, 隔音特性。, 隔熱。, 阻燃。, 抗衰老。, 易於處理。,...
  • 聚碳酸酯板嘅優點係乜嘢??

    由於其良好嘅性能。, 聚碳酸酯闆材係近年來建築裝飾行業嘅理想照明材料之一。, 與普通玻璃相比,它有明顯嘅優勢。. 聚碳酸酯板材嘅保溫性能。 25% 比玻璃高。, 衝擊強度係250...
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