40’’ x 80’’Polycarbonate Canopy Awning Aluminum Bracket with PC Hollow Sheet
40'' x 80'聚碳酸酯頂篷遮陽鋁支架與PC空心板。

High quality window awning polycarbonate canopy is made with polycarbonate cover sheet and strong aluminum alloy brackets.It can be used for resistance and commercial applications.This awnings have good weather resistance,safe and easy to install.

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40'' x 80'聚碳酸酯頂篷遮陽鋁支架與PC空心板。


UV layer protection polycarbonate canopy awnings.It can be used for resistance and commercial applications.This awnings have good weather resistance,safe and easy to install,no need special fabricated location and labor,only a few people can install it ,which save a lot of manpower and installation cost,and improve the labor efficiency.

The most important is this canopy have high impact strength,UV resistance,抗衰老。,long weather resistance,corrosion resistance and other effects,trust us,this canopy is the best choice for your window and front door rain protection.Cheaper price and high quality.





Itme Name: Polycarbonate canopy awning
Standard Size 600mm*800mm,1000mm*1200mm,1200mm*1500mm rtc.
Aluminum alloy Bracket: Black,Brown,White,Silver Grey
Depth: 600毫米,800毫米,1000毫米,1200毫米,1500毫米
Cover Board: 聚碳酸酯空心板。
Fixing Bar Aluminum bar(front/back)
Guarantee: Usually 10 年
Temperature resistance range: -40-120
UV resistance: UV protective layer



Installation Manual


Installation instruction of the polycarbonate awning,the accessories Including plastic bracket,pc solid sheet,aluminum bar(front/back) and Screws,which are all in one brown carton,open the carton and base on this instruction to DIY this canopy and install it your wall.



Polycarbonate canopy Features:

  • Refine Workmanship bu using premium materials.
  • Solid structure,good strength and easy operation.
  • Anti-UV protection.
  • Weatherproof & resistant to yellow.
  • It is washable and quick dry.
  • Customized color and size are acceptable.






Widely used in commercial window awnings,door canopies,shopfront awning,as machine shelters,rain shelters ,sun sheds and building decoration etc.








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熱門標籤:Polycarbonate awning canopy is made with aluminum alloy bracket and polycarbonate cover sheet.Factory provides high quality and lower price.



If you have some problems about DIY Polycarbonate Awning For Outdoor Window, 或想知更多關於奥宁嘅細節,聚碳酸酯空心板。,聚碳酸酯固體板材。,聚碳酸酯浮雕板。,聚碳酸酯波紋板。,等. 歡迎與我哋聯繫!